Easy English Describing People, Places and Things


Describing People, Places and Things 6分57秒

Describing People, Places and Things

Hi Mom! Hi Dad!

Hi! Denise! It’s so good to see you!

How are you, sweetheart?

I’m fine, I miss you both so much.

We miss you, too, honey.

How do you like your new apartment?

It’s great!
I love my new apartment, It’s cozy and convenient for getting to college and my roommate is very nice.

convenient=easy to get to

My bedroom is very large and has a small closet.

Even if it’s small, the closet can hold everything I need.

It keeps everything organized perfectly, and is easy to use.

I just love it.

The kitchen is old, but all the appliances still work.

It has a convenient stovetop, oven and refrigerator.
convenient=easy to use

The only downside to this apartment is that I have to share a bathroom with my roommate.
downside=disadvantage 欠点

She is very messy!
messy=not neat or organized
散らかった、乱雑な、汚い、ごみごみした The room is messy. : 部屋が散らかって

She leaves her things all over the bathroom floor!

I’m sorry about that, honey, but the rest of your apartment sounds nice!

Could you show it to us on the camera?


See, all my books are organized nicely on my shelves.

I keep my room very tidy.
tidy=arranged in an organized way 几帳面な

It looks very comfortable and neat, Denise!

neat=in good order:きちんとした

The room is really spacious and bright and the furniture looks in very good condition.
spacious=large 広々とした
bright=full of light 明るい

And there’s also a large balcony overlooking a wonderful view. Isn’t it lovely?

Yes, it is!

I can see it’s decorated with many beautiful plants and flowers.

It looks gorgeous and it seems such a peaceful place!
gorgeous=very beautiful

Is your roommate around?

I was hoping we could meet her.

No, she has class right now, but she’ll be back soon.

What does she look like?

She’s very pretty.

She has long, dark brown hair and green eyes.

She is short and skinny.

And what is she like?

Is she friendly?

Yes, she’s very friendly, outgoing and fun.
outgoing=sociable 発信

She always makes me laugh with her jokes and funny stories.

We get along great and sometimes we cook together.

She might be messy, but she’s nice and kind.

I’m glad you get along well, dear.

How have your classes been going?

Really good!

My favorite class is Biology.

The teacher is very knowledgeable and interesting.
knowledgeable=intelligent and well informed

She is a lovely, older woman with gray hair.

She is very passionate and enthusiastic about what she does.
enthusiastic :熱狂的

She spent a couple years studying different animals in Madagascar.

She wants to find ways to use power that are environmentally friendly.
environmentally friendly=not harmful to the environment

She really cares about plant and animal life!

How nice!

She seems to be an awesome person!
awesome=extraordinary 素晴らしい

Yes, she is really inspiring!


And what class do you like the least?

I think it’s Calculus.

I find it so boring.

My Calculus teacher, Dr. Rubus makes everything seem so complicated.

He is a very stern and quiet type of person.
stern=severe 厳しい
quiet=a person who does not talk much

He’s very tall and intimidating.
intimidating=making you feel nervous 威圧的な

He never bothers to explain to us what we don’t understand.

He stares at us but doesn’t say anything if we get the answer to a problem wrong.
stare=to look fixedly with wide-open eyes

He just asks someone else to answer it.

I wish he were a little more communicative and supportive.


What about your classmates?

What are they like?

They are very interesting because they are from all over the world.

We are diverse in race, religion, personality, but we have so many things in common at the same time.

I was able to learn a lot from them.

I’m so glad you like them!

Tell us about the part of the city you live in.

Any good places to eat?

You’re always thinking about food!

Actually, yes!

My roommate and I have eaten at many restaurants nearby.



They have a really great Indian restaurant.

I love the chana masala and chicken curry!

It’s so spicy and delicious!
spicy=containing strong flavours

It’s a small restaurant but they make really good food.

There’s a good pizza place down the street from us.

Their crust is flaky, and the pizza is really cheesy!
crust=the layer made of bread:地殻
flaky=breaking easily into small pieces:薄片状の

You’re making me hungry!

Now we definitely need to visit you!

Is there anything fun to do nearby?

There’s a venue nearby where different musicians perform.

venue=the place where a public event happens:会場

We’ve gotten to see some cool bands play there.

They use fog machines and high-quality speakers.

It’s a really fun experience!

That great, honey.

I’m glad you’re having a good time.

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